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В монастирі св. Василія Великого у м. Києві розпочав служіння новий ігумен о. Йосиф Щур, ЧСВВ

20.04.2024 // Прокоментуй!

Новий ігумен монастиря в Києві розпочав служіння 13-14 квітня 2024 року у монастирі святого Василія Великого в Києві відбулась зміна ігумена монастиря. Ігуменське >> Далі

What Is A Justifiable Must Carry A Handgun In New Jersey

21.07.2023 // Прокоментуй!

What Is A Justifiable Must Carry A Handgun In New Jersey Within a planet where personalized safety factors are of utmost importance, the issue of whether carrying a handgun is actually a justifiable will need has changed into a matter of intensive controversy. The state New Jersey has rigid >> Далі

Best Steel Focus on

21.07.2023 // Прокоментуй!

Best Steel Focus on Trying to find the supreme steel focus on to take your shooting expertise one stage further? Look no further! On earth of target taking pictures, using a trustworthy and sturdy stainlesss steel focus on is crucial for honing your precision and boosting your marksmanship. Whether >> Далі

Very best Weapons For Bears

21.07.2023 // Прокоментуй!

Very best Weapons For Bears Are you a backyard enthusiast or perhaps avid camper who frequently endeavors into carry country? If you have, then you recognize the necessity of getting the right handgun to protect yourself in case of a have come across. Within this guide, we shall check out the best >> Далі

Very best 1911 Enhancements

21.07.2023 // Прокоментуй!

Very best 1911 Enhancements Looking to consider your 1911 to the next level? Your search is over! Within this guide, we’ll investigate the best enhancements accessible for the famous 1911 pistol. Whether or not you’re a seasoned shooter or perhaps a novice for the 1911 program, >> Далі
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