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what is online bookkeeping

QuickBooks Live dedicated bookkeepers can not only perform ongoing maintenance of their books but also help with setting them up and correcting past errors—something that its users appreciate. The ability to speak with a live person with a variety of communication preferences, including one-way videoconferencing, is also a plus. While it lacks its own mobile app, you can use QuickBooks Online’s app to access your books.

Having it done remotely instead of in-house comes with a host of benefits for business owners. The only difference between a virtual bookkeeper and an in-house bookkeeper is the fact that a virtual bookkeeper works remotely. They still need to have the same level of education and experience. Small business owners that cannot afford to hire a full in-house accounting team, can consider online bookkeeping services as an alternative. Our overall best online bookkeeping service is Bench because it provides bookkeeping support at a lower cost than many similar platforms while also offering tax assistance and payroll integration. It even has catch-up bookkeeping services—ideal if you have fallen more than two years behind in your bookkeeping.

Virtual bookkeeping can keep you ready for tax time

The books aren’t prepared by someone who’s heavily involved in the day to day operations of your business. All of the reports created for you will provide a clearer picture of the business’s financial standing. 1-800Accountant reviews show that its dashboard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Users also praised the virtual accounting firm’s business formation services and the transparency of fees and services. Merritt Bookkeeping offers a flat rate of $190 per month, with no restriction on the number of monthly transactions or the frequency of the service. The price is the same regardless of your business size or the number of employees.

What exactly does a bookkeeper do?

Bookkeepers are responsible for providing accurate, up-to-date financial information about a business. They're always taking the pulse of a business. Most often, their reports go to business owners and managers to help them make decisions. Some bookkeepers, however, are actually involved in strategy development.

The best online bookkeeping services are affordable and easy to use, offer a wide range of bookkeeping solutions, and provide easy access to dedicated bookkeepers. Many of the top virtual bookkeeping services also have add-on services, such as catch-up bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing, which can streamline your work. When businesses have bookkeepers on staff who work in-office, the costs can quickly add up.

Offers On-time Financial Reporting

Virtual bookkeepers are usually up-to-date with cutting-edge financial software, thus ensuring efficient and consistent reporting. An online bookkeeper doesn’t have any direct interest in your business and is therefore less likely to be dishonest. The consequences are much more severe as it’s their business reputation on the line. In addition, online bookkeeping services usually double-check books before submitting them to their clients.

  • A per the laws, there is no problem at all having a tax person handling your bookkeeping.
  • Being a small business owner includes plenty of drudgery, especially when it comes to keeping track of the books.
  • She holds a Bachelor of Arts in human resources management and is PHR-certified.
  • She is a former Google Tech Entrepreneur and she holds an MSc in International Marketing from Edinburgh Napier University.
  • An online bookkeeper will monitor the income and expenses of your business.
  • In this wired age, accounting software are prevalent, and almost every organization, despite their scale, uses some kind of accounting software.
  • Virtual bookkeeping services are great for business owners in remote or rural areas, and for those who don’t have the time or resources to vet, train, and hire a new team member on their own.

An accountant may perform all the same tasks as a bookkeeper plus additional advisory responsibilities. In addition to data entry and reconciliation, an accountant provides key financial statements to business owners and stakeholders. Those include profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets, and anything else a business owner might need to do their taxes. These days, we live in an on-demand economy and thrive on being connected on the go.

How Does Mazuma’s Virtual Bookkeeping Work?

Any bookkeeper – or bookkeeping software – can cover basic accounting tasks, which are basically just financial recordkeeping. Hiring a virtual bookkeeper is your most customizable option, because you’ll be able to bring on someone who works for your business and completes the tasks you need. That means this is also usually the most expensive way to do bookkeeping, even online.

Errors in tax forms, for example, might result in penalties or other fees that might otherwise be avoided. Would you rather swap one responsibility for another or outsource your company’s accounting needs to an accounting firm? Online bookkeeping services can be surprisingly economical, avoiding the overhead of employing a regular employee. Offline bookkeeping does not offer real-time data, so there can be issues with communication and overall sluggish processing. This is particularly significant when you must handle a multitude of data-handling processes, such as tax and payroll, since these processes usually require real-time data.


Aside from the work location, there is not much difference between regular bookkeeping services and a virtual arrangement. A virtual bookkeeper may use computerized bookkeeping software to post financial transactions, process payroll, monitor cash flow, review and update statements and reconcile accounts. Virtual bookkeeping is an affordable and convenient option for small businesses, nonprofit organizations and churches. QuickBooks Live is our top pick for online bookkeeping services because it offers cleanup bookkeeping services that vary based on your company’s needs for your first month. This service is ideal for business owners who want to get their bookkeeping in order but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

what is online bookkeeping


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